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Here at Gipsy Hill Federation we actively celebrate diversity and difference in all its forms.

We champion the rights of every individual to learn and work in our schools free from fear of discrimination on any grounds including:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender (and gender identity)
  • Marriage
  • Pregnancy
  • Race and Nationality
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual Orientation

Our Federation ethos echoes our commitment to celebrating diversity and recognises the rights of all minority groups. Through our core curriculum and beyond we work to foster strong and positive relations between all sectors of our school community. We firmly believe that our strength comes from recognising and celebrating our differences.   

Our curriculum content is designed to ensure that pupils are given the full opportunity to explore and discuss a wide range of equality and diversity related issues in an age appropriate and supported manner.   

We are proud of the partnerships that we have formed with the Ofsted and DFE recognised charity, Educate & Celebrate. All of the Federation schools have been awarded the Educate and Celebrate Best Practice Status for our work in providing an LGBT+ inclusive school curriculum. We remain fully committed to the aims of this initiative which Ofsted has recognised as ‘innovative and visionary’ (Jan 2016)

Through this partnership, our schools have worked to successfully embed LGBT+ issues as a core part of our curriculum in all subject areas. This is most evident through the use of high quality LGBT+ focused literacy texts, philosophy for children and PSHEE lessons to promote and raise awareness of our commitment to equality and diversity in all forms.

Further information on Educate and Celebrate can be found on their website

  • Kingswood Primary School Lower Site
  • Kingswood Primary School Upper Site
  • Elm Wood Primary School
  • Paxton Primary School
  • Crawford Primary School
  • Fernstanton Primary School
  • Glenbrook Primary School
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