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Oogo School, Kenya Partnership


GHF has been committed to our partnership with Oogo since 2012, originally set up by the Humanities team Amelie Thomson and Catherine Lea at Kingswood Upper. This partnership has grown from strength to strength and includes 2 GHF teachers' visit  to Oogo in 2013, 2 Oogo teachers exchange to GHF in 2014, Birds Fly to Africa in May 2015 and another Oogo teachers visit to us later that year. These visits follow the British Council Connecting Classrooms criteria and educational outcomes. Plus we have contributed 3 new classrooms and helped with electricity and water to the school. We also set up a school uniform and resources enterprise project in 2015.  Since then, on 3 occasions we have sent bundles of uniforms and educational materials to Oogo either through help by FedEx, sending them back with the exchange teachers or fundraising to send boxes independently – this has been carried out by Julie Norburn and Angela Jolly at Kingswood.   

Throughout the partnership, significant contribution and support has come from Friends of Kingswood. Raising funds, holding events and parent involvement. They continue to work closely with Kingswood Upper and Lower to set priorities and raise awareness for Oogo.


All our schools held a fundraising event in spring term 2017. Each school committed to holding one Oogo fundraising event per year and the money raised will help get the uniforms and resources that Oogo need or funds for other educational projects. We want to ensure the partnership is sustained through GHF fundraising initiatives. 

Please click here for more information on our Oogo Primary, Kenyan Partnership

The Philosophy Foundation

Gipsy Hill Federation is working in partnership with The Philosophy Foundation to deepen thinking across all curriculum areas by helping students to unpick central concepts through curriculum enquiry and philosophical enquiry. The Philosophy Foundation runs weekly sessions in all Federation schools and works closely with our Philosophy Champion Teachers, coaching them to become Associated Teachers with The Foundation. This is a long-term relationship that aims to bring the children to think responsively, reflectively, rationally and re-evaluatively, also building soft skills such as communication and confidence that will support them as they continue their education.

The Philosophy Foundation supports teachers to incorporate enquiry into their classroom practice, give them the skills and competencies to question well in order to develop children’s thinking, and to model to the children a wide variety of thinking practices. They recognise that every school, teacher and pupil are different. Therefore they will work with each school within the Federation to deepen their curriculum, to develop the skills of their teachers and support staff and work in partnership with the teachers to enable learners to become the best they can become.

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