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We passionately believe that our bespoke curriculum, both within and beyond the classroom, has a relentless focus on engaging and involving all our pupils.

Our rich curriculum ensures that we provide world class education for all of the children within our Federation of Schools. Enrichment is every pupil’s entitlement and we promote opportunities to learn beyond the classroom which inspire and motivate pupils to achieve outstanding progress in every lesson.

Teaching and learning are personalised throughout the curriculum through tailored programmes for a wide range of pupils with differing needs, so that all are able to participate, progress and achieve.  Our future thinking curriculum ensures that the children develop into global citizens who have lively and enquiring minds. All pupils who attend the Gipsy Hill Federation have the ability to think critically and philosophically. Children leave our family of schools feeling secure and prepared to enter the wider world as active and responsible participants in society.  We are confident that the Gipsy Hill Federation curriculum prepares our children for careers in a fast changing world. 


Key Stage 1 workbooks

KS1 Curriculum

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Curriculum Framework 2016 - 2017 to be published shortly. 


Curriculum Overview

2017 - 18

Curriculum Newsletter

2017 - 18

Nursery Nursery Curriculum Overview Nursery Curriculum Newsletter
Reception Reception Curriculum Overview Reception Curriculum Newsletter
Year 1 Year 1 Curriculum Overview Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter
Year 2 Year 2 Curriculum Overview Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter
Year 3 Year 3 Curriculum Overview To follow shortly
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Aims of Gipsy Hill Federation

  • A happy, calm and nurturing school community
  • A highly stimulating learning environment
  • Mutual respect and understanding
  • An inclusive education free from discrimination
  • Encouragement to make informed and responsible choices about how we behave and the impact of this on others
  • Very high standards and expectations/ intolerance of underachievement
  • Access to an exciting, progressive and varied curriculum
  • Development of self-motivation, independence, positive attitudes and confidence
  • Provide positive and diverse role-models

2002 Craig Tunstall became Head of Kingswood

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