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Children in EYFS are taught through the 7 areas of learning. Their learning throughout these seven areas is extremely play based and teachers are constantly adapting their planning as well as the children's learning environment to make sure the children are learning through topics that engage and excite them.

The 7 areas of learning are:

PSED - Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Through this area children develop their sense of self identity within the classroom. They learn to share and work as part of a class or group and begin to understanding similarities and differences between people in their local community.

CL - Communication and Language

Through this area children learn and develop a range of speaking and listening skills. They develop the ability to be able to sit and focus on an activity for an extended period of time as well as being able to make comments on stories they read and discussions they have with adults as well as their peers.

L - Literacy

This is the area in which children learn to read and write. There is a large emphasis on phonics to support children with their early reading and writing and they are offered daily reading and writing carpet sessions with their whole class as well as smaller target groups where they will work on pen grip, handwriting and sentence structure. Children are also read with 1-1 once a week with an adult to develop all of their reading skills including recognising HFW's as well as being able to discuss what they have read or has been read to them.

M - Mathematics

This is the area in which children develop a wide range of maths skills, including counting, adding, subtracting as well as gaining a good knowledge of shape, measuring, time and distance. Children have access to daily maths activities as well as daily maths carpet sessions as well as target groups.

UW - Understanding the World

It is through this area of learning that children develop their understanding of their local community as well as the wider world around them. Children will learn about different cultures, beliefs and religions through celebrating many festivals. They will also learn about the different jobs people have and will have many visitors come and talk to them, including local firemen, policemen, vets and doctors.

EAD - Expressive Art and Design

This is the area in which children develop a wide range of creative skills, not just drawing and painting but also dance, drama and music. All children in EYFS have a weekly half hour music lesson with one of the specialist music teachers from our music team.

PD - Physical Development

This area focuses on children's developments of their fine and gross motor control. Children take part in weekly hour long PE lessons where they practise changing into their PE kit and develop skills for playing in a team and understanding the rules of a game. Children will also develop their fine motor skills such a treading and handwriting through a physical development focus.

Children in EYFS have access to indoor and outdoor learning at all times of the year so we encourage parents to ensure that have the correct clothing to facilitate this - hats, coats and gloves as well as wellies in the winter and sun hats and water bottles during the summer.

Towards the end of their time in EYFS children will be taken out on a school trip which they always look forward to, however throughout their year in Reception children will visit their local shops and park to investigate the world around them.

All children in our EYFS classes have their own profiles in which adults keep outstanding records of their learning in school through photographs and observations as well as samples of the work they have produced. Parents are encourage to share these folders with their children at parents’ evenings but also during parents into reading sessions which take place every Friday morning.  Parents into reading is a great chance for parents to join their children in the classroom to engage in reading and sometimes writing activities as well as to share their profiles

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