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We encourage our pupils to be lifelong learners in every aspect of their lives. There are many advantages of learning another language at primary school. 

Research suggests that simply thinking in another language helps creativity, flexibility and decision making skills. It opens children’s eyes to a new and different culture and language, and encourages their enthusiasm and motivation for learning further languages.  The teaching of a new language also enriches the children’s English language skills, as they use what they learn in one language to reinforce what they have learned in another.


  • To encourage and motivate pupils to be lifelong learners of a number of languages.
  • To develop their confidence and competence in a foreign language as well as enjoyment and engagement
  • To learn how to learn a language successfully
  • To identify links and patterns between different languages, enriching their experience of literacy


Effective language teaching at primary level includes:

  • Short but regular lessons with lots of opportunities for oral rehearsal
  • Repetition of key vocabulary and language structures
  • Opportunities to apply key vocabulary and language structures
  • Enjoyment of language learning through songs and games
  • A cumulative approach building up understanding of language patterns and grammar through their application of prior knowledge.
  • Opportunities to develop intercultural understanding and awareness
  • Opportunities to reflect on the strategies and structures that they have used and how this applies/compares to prior knowledge as well as other languages.

Kingswood, Elm Wood, Crawford, Fenstanton and Glenbrook: French

A non-specialist model is used based on La Jolie Ronde scheme of work. Each lesson is divided up into four 15-minute parts to support regular repetition. It includes songs sung by native French speakers as well as sound files modelling the correct pronunciation and a range of engaging games and activities for the whole class as well as for children working in pairs. All Key Stage Two teachers have received training in the delivery of MFL using the scheme of work. The scheme of work is cumulative from Year 3 through to Year 6. This year the whole of Key Stage 2 are following the Year 3 scheme of work to ensure that all children have a firm foundation before moving on.

Overview of the topics covered in the scheme of work.

The non-specialist model is also supported by the use of a native French speaker. This year a Foreign Language Assistant is working across the above schools and has delivered 30-minute lessons fortnightly in all classes. She has supported teachers with the delivery of accurate language models and has also shared a range of cultural experiences with the pupils at all the schools.

Paxton: Mandarin

Children in Nursery through Year 4 attend a 30 minute weekly session of Mandarin Chinese.  Year 5 and 6 children attend a 40-45 minute session.  All lessons are delivered by a Language Teacher.  Learning is further supported by periodic homework, newsletters home and a wordpress site with links to sound files, games and videos.

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