The Gipsy Hill Federation Governing Body covers Kingswood, Elm Wood, Paxton, Crawford, Fenstanton and Glenbrook Primary Schools and Children’s Centres.  The Mayflower Governing Body covers Ilderton and Phoenix Primary Schools. Appointments or elections are for 4 years.

The Governors monitor the performance of the schools in our Federations. They protect the interests of the school and its children, offer guidance and support and promote good communication with all parents. They work with school staff to oversee the curriculum, manage its finances and ensure that all aspects of the school's provision are of a consistently high standard.

The Governing Bodies act as a critical friend of the schools.  They work closely with the Headteachers and make decisions collectively as a team. They conduct their business through meetings, using relevant documents and advice from the Headteachers for guidance. We are fortunate to have extremely committed and skilled Governing Bodies, who take a keen interest in the our Federations' continued development and success.

The Governing Bodies meet twice a term as whole bodies, and at least once a term in committees.

The legal responsibilities of the Governing Bodies are to:

  • Help raise standards of education and achievement
  • Plan the school’s future direction
  • Take general responsibility for the conduct of the school
  • Manage the school budget, including staff numbers and pay
  • Make sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, and that National Curriculum is taught
  • Set targets of achievement
  • Report National Curriculum assessments and examination results to parents
  • Decide how the school encourages pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • Making sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs
  • They are accountable to parents and the wider community for the school’s performance
  • Draw an action plan after an Ofsted inspection
  • Appoint the Headteacher and participate in the appointment of senior staff
  • Regulate staff conduct and discipline

Governor meeting minutes are available on request. Please contact your school office to make a request.

Gipsy Hill Federation Governing Body

Category Type Name Appointed Until
Chief Executive Headteacher Staff Sir Craig Tunstall N/A
Local Authority (1) LA Ms Sarah Wintle (Chair) 15/09/19
Parents (6) Parent (Kingswood) Ms Abi Gilbert 15/09/19
  Parent (Elm Wood) Ms Clare Sayer (Vice Chair) 15/09/19
  Parent (Paxton) Vacancy  
  Parent (Fenstanton) Mr Jerome Martello 15/09/19
  Parent (Glenbrook) Vacancy  
  Parent (Crawford) Vacancy  
Co-opted (6) Co-opted Ms Laura Wright 15/09/19
  Co-opted Mr David Okoro 15/09/19
  Co-opted Ms Lynley Oram 15/09/19
  Co-opted Ms Cassandra Howe 15/09/20
  Co-opted Vacancy  
  Co-opted Vacancy  
Staff  Executive Headteachers Ms Laleh Laverick   
    Mrs Susan Holt  
  Headteachers Ms Gillian Roberts (Kingswood)  
    Ms Cath Blayney (Elm Wood)  
    Ms Sarah Drew (Paxton)  
    Ms Michelle Bennett (Fenstanton)  
    Ms Jo Morris (Crawford)  
    Ms Carmel Longley (Glenbrook)  

Mayflower Federation Governing Body

Category Type Name Appointed Until
Chief Executive Headteacher (1) Staff Sir Craig Tunstall N/A
Local Authority (1) Local Authority Sarah Harris (Chair) 15/09/2019
Parents (2) Parent Ella Emiola  15/09/2019
  Parent Saidat Oketunde  15/09/2019
Co-opted (4) Co-opted Claire Gager 15/09/2019
  Co-opted Ann Duffy 15/09/2019
  Co-opted Mulikatu  
  Co-opted Vacancy  
Staff (1) Staff Vacancy  
  Executive Headteachers Laleh Laverick   
    Susan Holt  
  Headteachers Simon Assig (Phoenix)  
    Carol Askins (Ilderton)  

Governing Body Attendance and Business Interests 2015/16

*P = Present; AP = Apologies accepted; A = Absent

Name Category Appointment From/To If mid-year change *Attendance at full GB *Attendance at Committees Business Interests
Sir Craig Tunstall Exec. Headteacher   P: 5; Ap: 0; A: 0 P: 3; Ap: 3; A: 0 Mayflower Federation
London Leadership Strategy
Ms Sarah Wintle Local Authority   P: 5; Ap: 0; A: 0 P: 5; Ap: 0; A: 0 None
Ms Abi Gilbert Parent   P: 5; Ap: 0; A: 0 P: 4; Ap: 1; A: 0 Friends of Kingswood School
Ms Clare Sayer Parent   P: 5; Ap: 0; A: 0 P: 4; Ap: 1; A: 0 None
Mr Michael Corden Parent   P: 4; Ap: 1; A: 0 P: 4; Ap: 2; A: 0 Friends of Paxton School
Mr Jerome Martello Parent   P: 3; Ap: 1; A: 1 P: 2; Ap: 3; A: 0 None
Mr Alexander Gomes Parent   P: 1; Ap: 1; A: 3 P: 0; Ap: 0; A: 0 None
Ms Laura Wright Co-opted   P: 4; Ap: 1; A: 0 P: 6; Ap: 0; A: 0 GHF Secondary School
Mr David Okoro Co-opted   P: 4; Ap: 1; A: 0 P: 3; Ap: 2; A: 0 None
Ms Lynley Oram Co-opted   P: 5; Ap: 0; A: 0 P: 6; Ap: 0; A: 0 None
Ms Cassandra Howe Co-opted From 13/07/16 P: 1; Ap: 0; A: 0 P: 0; Ap: 0; A: 0 New Schools Network

Committees and Panels

Resources Committee (Finance, Premises, Behaviour, Safety)

Gipsy Hill Federation Mayflower Federation
Laura Wright (Chair) Claire Gager (Chair)
Lynley Oram Ann Duffy
Kevin Sparkes Ella Emiola 
Francis Whitmore Saidat Oketunde 
Child Protection/SEN/LAC Sarah Harris
David Okoro  Patricia Hunter

Curriculum, Inclusion, Standards Committee

Gipsy Hill Federation Mayflower Federation
Clare Sayer (Chair) Clare Sayer (Chair)
David Okoro Claire Gager
Abi Gilbert Ann Duffy
Sarah Wintle Saidat Oketunde 
Executive Headteachers / Headteachers Executive Headteachers / Headteachers
Children's Centres Link  


Head's appraisal Panel (2 Governors + SIA)

  • Sarah Wintle
  • Laura Wright

Meetings 2017-18


Full Governing Body, Wednesdays at 6.00pm

Resources Committee, Thursdays at 8.00am

Curriculum, Inclusion and Standards Committee,  Wednesdays at 6.00pm

20 September

21 September

11 October

15 November

23  November

13 December

17 January

25 January

7 February

14 March

15 March

18 April

16 May

10 May

5 July

11 July

12 July



How to contact the Governors

To contact the Chair of Governors please leave a letter at the school office; the letter will be forwarded immediately.  At the moment, parent governors can also be contacted through the school office.

LA governors are appointed by Lambeth Council, and community governors are co-opted to bring additional experience to the governing body.  If you would be interested in becoming a community governor, you can find further information on the Lambeth website.

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