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Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at Gipsy Hill Federation. Our aim is to ensure that every child is fully included both academically and socially; that we meet the needs of all children so that every individual child makes accelerated progress and meets their full potential.

Quality First Teaching by the class teacher is at the core of this aim. All planning is therefore fully differentiated so that all children can fully access the curriculum and make progress at their level.

Building on this Quality First Teaching, there is also an additional range of support and expert advice that can be put in place to meet the needs of children with special educational needs or when we identify that a child might be underachieving. If you are concerned about your child, please speak to your child's class teacher and/or the school's SENCO. They will be able to advise you on the range of support available and what would best meet the needs of your child. All support given will be measured according to the aims of the intervention to ensure that they have the desired impact as well as to ensure children are generalising and transferring the skills they learn back to the classroom.

All teachers at Gipsy Hill Federation are committed to creative and inclusive learning environments that aim to meet the needs of all pupils.  The learning environment incorporates different learning styles, gender, cultural diversity and a variety of interests.

A variety of different presentation techniques are used including interactive displays and table top displays.  All our displays include questions and allow the opportunity for the child to engage with the display.  We strive to find a balance between learning aids that support the children with their learning e.g. number lines, key vocabulary but also to ensure we allow opportunities to celebrate the children’s own work and learning by displaying it clearly and prominently in their classroom and around the school environment.  Our classrooms incorporate opportunities to display a balance of all areas of the curriculum and displays are regularly changed and updated.

For children with specific needs the learning environment may include their own timetable, a now and next support grid or an established area of the classroom with their own work station.

Gipsy Hill Federation SEND Report September 2017

Following a very successful Inclusion Quality Mark assessment at Kingswood, Elm Wood, Paxton and Glenbrook in February 2015, these schools have now been confirmed as IQM Centres of Excellence.

Family Services

Children will only learn and meet their full potential if they feel safe and happy. We recognise the importance of partnership working between home and school in order to ensure that every child's needs are met to support them to meet their full potential. We operate an open door policy and strive to ensure that we are able to meet and communicate with all parents as regularly as possible.

The Family Services team are a team dedicated to forging strong links between home and school and within our community. We understand that parenting is a hard job and, at times, there can be barriers to meeting a child's needs, such as housing, finances, bereavement etc. The Family Services Team are therefore able to provide support and guidance to access other services, provide advice as well as work in partnership with you to support you to help your child meet their full potential. The work the Family Services Team carry out is varied and individualised to the particular situations that you and your family might be facing.

Inclusion staff

  • Head of Inclusion: Amelie Thompson
  • Safeguarding Lead (Family Services Manager): Annmarie Ahtuam
  • SEND and Family Services/Safeguarding Governor: David Okoro


  • SENCOs: Michelle Hogan (KWU) and Zoe Nash (KWL)
  • Deputy Headteachers for Inclusion:  Clare Gudgeon & Amy Salter
  • Family Services Officers: Ria Mason (KWL) & Rahat Uddin (KWU)


  • SENCO: Rachel Stokes
  • Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion: Sarah Gee
  • Family Services Officer: Charlotte Newman

Elm Wood

  • SENCO: May Chapman
  • Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion: Sarah Philips Knight
  • Family Services Officer: Felix Morgan


  • SENCO: Sharon Ashton 
  • Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion: Jan Shahjahan
  • Family Services Officer: Nicola Frazer


  • SENCO: Sophie Dickin
  • Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion: Sophie Dickin
  • Family Services Officer: Hayley McNee


  • SENCO: Shirley Pearson
  • Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion: Debbie Palache                                                    
  • Family Services Officer: Tanya Fernandez
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