Creative Art Therapies

At Gipsy Hill Federation we have a team of creative arts therapists that work across all sites. They work with children individually and in small groups.

Creative arts therapies use art forms, such as music or drama, to support children reach their potential in their relationships, emotional wellbeing, communication, attention, and play. To achieve this, therapists use a mixture of structured and child-led creative and expressive activities. The therapist is careful to attend to everything that happens in the session and responds in a supportive, non-judgmental and, usually, non-directive way to explore the child’s concerns. The sessions occur in a safe, boundaried and confidential space at a regular time every week.

What are the aims of creative art therapies?

Typical aims for children in creative arts therapy are:

  • To make and sustain nurturing and positive relationships with others
  • To be at ease and congruent in feelings and the way they are expressed
  • To be able to express needs verbally
  • To enjoy and focus on sustained activities
  • To play creatively, independently and with others
  • To work through traumatic experiences

What happens in a creative arts therapy session?

Depending on the needs of the child, and the specialism of the therapist, different activities occur, such as:

  • Music making
  • Work around myth, story or character
  • Role-play
  • Song-writing 
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Talking
  • Dance
  • Work with images

The child does not need to have any experience of drama or playing an instrument to attend creative arts therapy. Within sessions, the children will not learn to act or play an instrument. The focus is on the process, rather than the end product, finding a way to express and explore feelings, concerns and ways of relating all within a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship.

  • Kingswood Primary School Lower Site
  • Kingswood Primary School Upper Site
  • Elm Wood Primary School
  • Paxton Primary School
  • Crawford Primary School
  • Fernstanton Primary School
  • Glenbrook Primary School
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