Occupational Therapy

Children with Occupational Therapy / Motor Skills difficulties may have difficulties in a number of areas.  This could be difficulty with fine motor skills (hand manipulation), gross motor skills (large body movements and coordination) as well as difficulties with attention and concentration. 

At Gipsy Hill Federation we aim to identify and support all pupils that have been identified as having motor skills difficulties as early as possible so that we can ensure that appropriate support is put in place.  This support can look different depending on the individual needs of the child.  

One to One Support

1:1 support can be given through our Special Educational Needs Practitioners (SENPs) who have worked closely alongside Occupational Therapists.  This 1:1 support is individualised depending on the child’s needs, focusing on either fine or gross motor skills.  Each child will have goals that they are working towards within these weekly 1:1 sessions to ensure there is a clear aim for the child to be working towards.  These goals could include practical goals such as tying shoe laces as well as goals focussing on body coordination and balance.  

Group Support

Motor Skills Groups support a group of children who are of a similar age with similar motor skills needs (fine or gross motor difficulties). These groups have been set up with support from NHS Occupational Therapists and our Inclusion Team across the GHF. Motor Skills Groups are run by TAs, with support from our SENPs and consist of 3 children and one adult.  Each child will have practical goals that they are working towards within these sessions run 3-5 times a week.  These goals could include fastening buttons/zips or skipping using a skipping rope.  

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