Transition Support

At Gipsy Hill Federation we are committed to ensuring that all children have positive transitions as they move up through the school and move on.

For transition to secondary school, we foster links with our local secondary schools and organise joint meetings prior to their move to secondary school as well as in Year 7 when necessary and appropriate. We support visits to new schools where necessary. We hold a reunion event in September for the Year 6 children who have just left the school and moved on. This is an important social event for the children. However, it also allows school staff to check in with the children and parents and identify whether there is any additional support needed that we need to communicate to the secondary school. If felt necessary to support a child to settle into their new secondary school, school staff may visit that child at the secondary school to support a positive change.

For transition within our schools, one of our INSET days is dedicated to teachers handing over and sharing information about their classes, sharing the children’s strengths and how best to support them to break down any barriers they may face. Children are also introduced to their new teacher prior to September. The aim is to ensure that children feel comfortable when returning in September after the summer holiday and that teachers are able to meet individual needs within the class as quickly as possible from the start of the year to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.

We also recognise that transition for some children can be very difficult. Additional support is put in place for these children. These children will have a number of opportunities to meet key members of staff and to familiarise themselves with the new setting that they will be in. Together with the SENPs, children create communication passports (to share information with the school staff who will be working with them) and transition books (to support the child with the change). Pupil Support Plans are also created for these children as a means of sharing the strategies that work with the new teacher and TAs at the dedicated INSET day in July.

  • Kingswood Primary School Lower Site
  • Kingswood Primary School Upper Site
  • Elm Wood Primary School
  • Paxton Primary School
  • Crawford Primary School
  • Fernstanton Primary School
  • Glenbrook Primary School
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