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"Teaching is outstanding because staff have very high expectations of what pupils can achieve. They use an exceptionally wide range of imaginative methods to capture pupils’ enthusiasm for learning, and adapt activities to meet their precise needs. Inspirational teaching methods and high expectations motivate pupils to achieve as well as they can." March 2013 Ofsted report, Kingswood Primary School

Children learn in a variety of ways. Through thoughtful planning and skilled teaching, we enable all children to learn, progress and achieve well. Teaching techniques vary throughout the school depending on the age range of the children, but the following strategies are used:

  • Structured play – particularly in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Comprehensive teacher planning to meet the range of learning needs and abilities of all children.
  • Rigorous assessment and tracking systems and understanding of pupil progress.
  • Adults clearly explain what the children are expected to learn.
  • Staff model and demonstrate skills e.g. showing how to write instructions, letters, adding and subtracting using different methods etc.
  • Resources are used thoughtfully to support the children’s understanding e.g. number lines and word banks.
  • Where possible, learning opportunities are planned to offer the children first-hand experience.
  • Classroom displays provide useful information to support learning and give reminders of previous learning.
  • Children are taught to understand and use technical vocabulary.
  • Opportunities are provided for children to talk about their learning and consider what they need to do in order to make further progress.
  • Children work in a variety of ways, as everyone learns in a slightly different way. Children may work independently, in pairs, small groups or with an adult.
  • We give children opportunities to learn from each other, as well as from adults.
  • Information is reinforced visually (through writing and pictures), aurally (through listening to others) and kinaesthetically (through handling equipment, objects and artefacts practically).
  • We encourage children to seek help when they find something difficult without fear of being told off.
  • We use ICT creatively to support children to make progress in their learning.
  • Classes and their teachers sometimes join together to share expertise and skills (team teaching).
  • Children may be grouped differently across their Year Group for some subjects to maximise their learning e.g. in literacy and numeracy. We have an open-minded approach to this and use staff creatively to ensure maximum benefit to the children.
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  • Welcome to Redwing Class - Elm Wood Primary

    February 2018: In Redwing Class we had an amazing day exploring different mythical creatures. We discussed which mythical creature we would be and why. To inspire us we watched videos, drew pictures, made our own mythical creature fact books and finally modelled our own mythical creature using play dough.   January 2018: In Redwing class we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. We painted fire using oil pastels, researched facts about the Great Fire of London and made houses from 1666 out of cards.   December 2017: In Redwing class we have been learning all about Arctic and Antarctica. We made igloos using marshmallows, cotton wool and plastic cups. We also made wonderful paintings using chalk to create Northern lights! Have a look at our amazing artistic work!  Redwing class have made a productive start to the year and have taken no time in settling down into life in Year 2. In Maths, we have learnt about the value of number, including 10 more and 10 less as well as greater than and less than. In our first topic, ‘Journeys’ we have been learning all about noun phrases and time phrases. We will be learning all about London in the following week.. We also painted self-portraits. Come and see our work on display in the classroom! We can’t wait to share our learning with you at our first workshare assembly on Wednesday 8th November at 10.30am.​

    Welcome to Redwing Class - Elm Wood Primary
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