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Our Federation recognises the potential of every individual to achieve excellence. We strive to positively address underachievement and have very high expectations for all members of our school community. We work hard to creatively remove barriers to achievement and raise esteem. We are determined to create a true culture of ‘learning for all’ through meaningful partnerships with the whole school community.

Everyone works to provide a welcoming, calm, happy and purposeful atmosphere in which, as members of a culturally rich community, we provide an education free from discrimination. Our Federation is characterised by openness and honesty. Consideration, encouragement of positive role models, respect for others, their property and the environment are our priorities. We aim to deliver a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum in an optimum learning environment that is attractive, stimulating, informative and instils a sense of pride.

Each of our primary schools is uniquely special, but they are united through our core values and an immovable commitment to excellence. A value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the Gipsy Hill Federation community.

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We believe in commitment, opportunity, respect and excellence:

By commitment we mean that everyone

  • Tries their best
  • Sees failure as a learning opportunity and works at becoming resilient
  • Is keen to further the Federation aims and keep school rules
  • Is willing to care for and support others, particularly the vulnerable
  • Appreciates that learning must happen outside and after school, as well as in it

By opportunity we mean that everyone

  • Works to make each of our Federation schools outstanding
  • Treats others equally and fairly to ensure that the Federation schools are inclusive
  • Develops confidence through participation and seizes chances that are offered them
  • Reflects honestly, sets & works towards targets for improvement
  • Pursues interests in a manner which broadens horizons, volunteers in a variety of situations

By respect we mean that everyone

  • Aspires to learn and looks up to those with greater knowledge and experience
  • Values and cares for all members both of the community and as people
  • Displays good manners at all times and treats everybody with courtesy
  • Celebrates diversity and the positive role diversity plays in our community and society
  • Shows respect for the school buildings, facilities and excellent resources - and the broader environment

By excellence we mean that everyone

  • Has high expectations of themselves and of the Federation schools
  • Is proud of personal achievement
  • Sets high standards and personal goals for improvement
  • Makes best use of talents, time and resources
  • Celebrates and shares in the achievements of others

2002 Craig Tunstall became Head of Kingswood

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    7 December 2017 Please see below the manifestos for the parent governor candidates. Alice Phillips Manifesto Chenell Powell Manifesto Kerry Graham Manifesto Safia Addow Manifesto Remember to vote on Tuesday 19th December. Ballot papers will be available at your school offices on the day. 29 November 2017 The Gipsy Hill Federation Governors need to appoint one Parent Governor to our governing body, following a recent resignation. The governing body is currently comprised of a dynamic group of individuals with a range of backgrounds from current and former GHF parents to local members of the community who are passionate about ensuring the continuing achievements of the Gipsy Hill Federation and the outstanding education it offers to all the children in our six schools. Parent Governor Election Letter Nomination Form

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