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Crawford Primary School is a 3 form entry school based in Camberwell, South London.  We joined Gipsy Hill Federation in 2011 and are rated as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.  Please explore our stories below and view our section links for more information about us.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Crawford Primary School website which will provide you with an understanding of our school’s vision, give you an insight into our school’s successes and inform you of the exciting opportunities that our pupils have throughout their time with us.

During our most recent Ofsted Inspection in March 2013, Crawford Primary School was judged as Outstanding in all areas. However, we believe that the outstanding grade that we have received is merely a benchmark and we seek to improve on our practice daily to ensure that we are consistently challenging ourselves to provide the very best platinum education for our children.  

"Outstanding provision in the Nursery means pupils get off to an excellent start in their learning." March 2013 Ofsted report

At Crawford Primary School we believe in and value every child and adult who enters our doors. We encourage each person to show value and respect towards one another, joining together to build a happy, forward-thinking community. We encourage the parents and carers of the children who attend our school to play an active role in the education of their children. One of our favourite times of the week is Friday mornings when all parents and carers join their children to read together in classes.

Inclusion is at the heart of our school which makes it a place where all pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential and develop into intelligent, creative and ambitious young learners. Our rich curriculum, which is delivered by outstanding teachers in a positive and inclusive manner, ensures that all children are constantly challenged and have lots of fun whilst doing so. This outstanding learning behaviour enables all children to make accelerated progress, which is something that was celebrated in September 2015 when we received an award from Southwark Council for Outstanding Pupil Progress. 

We provide children with a stimulating and engaging learning environment which showcases the outstanding learning that takes place in the classrooms. The education that we offer our children is cutting edge and evokes critical learners and philosophical thinkers. We are very proud of the children who attend our school and in turn they are extremely proud to be members of Crawford Primary School.

Miss J Morris

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  • Crawford Autumn Term Update

    Crawford Autumn Term Update
  • Welcome to Apollo Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: These last few weeks, Year 2 have been rehearsing for the KS1 Christmas Performance.  Here is a member of Apollo class waiting to go on the stage for the performance.  We hope you enjoyed the show! 21 November 2017: This half term we have been learning about the Polar regions.  We have learn lots of facts about different animals in the Arctic and Antarctic. In this picture we are doing an experiment with 'blubber'.  We put our bare hand into cold water and then put our hand covered with 'blubber' into cold water.  We couldn't feel the cold when it was covered with 'blubber'!  It showed us how Polar animals survive in the cold conditions.  They have a layer of 'blubber' under their skin which keeps them warm. 11 November 2017: Apollo class have had a very exciting week! We went on a trip to see some of the sights around London.  In this picture we are walking over the Millennium Bridge.

    Welcome to Apollo Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Earth Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: This half term we have been studying Desert Survival. We made pop up maps about famous deserts all over the world and at present we are writing script for a Desert Survival documentary! 22 November 2017: Earth class went to The Science Museum for part of our Blast Off Topic. We learnt fantastic facts about space but also lots of other amazing scientific information. Some children in the class even got to take part in experiments with a scientist!  03 November 2017:As part of our Topic theme on Space we made a solar system using different art materials and art techniques. We then hung them up in the classroom. We think they look great! September 2017: In Earth class we have been learning about space. As part of this topic, we looked at rockets. We then drew our own using different art techniques with chalk and pastels. 

    Welcome to Earth Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Eris Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: This week in Eris class, we have been learning all about what an organism is and the different life cycles that living things go through. 22 November 2017: For Black History month, Eris class performed a fabulous poem called the ‘Want, Want Twins’ by Jackie Kay. We ensure we used actions, tone of voice and facial expressions. It was fantastic.  02 November 2017: This week in Eris class, we've been exploring how gravity works. We have been investigating whether the size or weight alters the speed at which an object falls to the floor. It's been a lot of fun. 18 October 2017: This week in Eris class, we've been exploring how gravity works. We have been investigating whether the size or weight alters the speed at which an object falls to the floor. It's been a lot of fun. September 2017: Eris class have really been enjoying our blast off topic. This week we have been creating the solar system, thinking about the size of the planets in relation to the sun, using clay. We will them paint them later in the week.    

    Welcome to Eris Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Galaxy Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: This week year 6 had the opportunity to visit the ‘Wonderlab’ at the science museum. We were able to experiment focusing on forces, electricity, vapour, sound and more! We also saw lightning strike before our eyes and we travelled through space under a canopy of stars. Galaxy glass enjoy working as a team so during the ‘Engineer your Future’ workshop we worked together to problem solve - this worked fantastically! 30 November 2017: In Galaxy class, we had the opportunity to visit the Institute of Imagination. We explored the theme of ‘Reality’ that covered the following topics: Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Art and Design. We used our creative skills to design and make a scribble box. The trip was fantastic!  22 November 2017: In Galaxy class we had the opportunity to annotate different newspaper articles to identify the key features. We then collated all the information we researched about the HMS Windrush to create a newspaper article. We worked extremely hard to achieve our target and we are proud of the standard of work we have produced.  01 November 2017:  Throughout our topic 'WW 2' Galaxy class have been reading the book 'The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas ' by John Boyne. At the end of the school day, we take turns to read to each other. It is a fantastic book and we definitely recommend it!  12th October 2017:Post WW2, Britain encouraged immigration from common wealth countries. To a large extent, this was to help rebuild the country.  Galaxy Class used 'Comic Life' to create persuasive posters to encourage the Caribbeans to board the HMS Windrush.  For Black History Month, we are focusing on Poetry. We decided to use figurative language to write effective poems regarding the journey on the HMS Windrush. 

    Welcome to Galaxy Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Jupiter Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: Jupiter class has been working really hard together with other Year 2 and Year 1 classes on their performance called ‘Christmas with the Aliens’. We spent many hours practising our songs and learning our lines. On Friday 8 December we had a fantastic audience that came to watch two of our shows. 30 November 2017: Last week we had a very special visitor in Jupiter class. Lucy Rowland, an author of books such as Gecko’s Echo or The Birthday Invitation, came to talk to us about her stories. She told us how she comes up with ideas for her books and what inspires her. She also read some of her stories to us! 21 November 2017: In Jupiter class we have been learning about continents and oceans. During International Dress Day we had a look at the map of the world and identified the countries we all come from. It was amazing to see all our fantastic traditional outfits and present them to other classes during our fashion show. 06 November 2017: Jupiter class had a great time visiting Central London. We walked around Southbank and saw a lot of famous landmarks we had been learning about. We also stopped by the River Thames to sketch some of them.  October 2017: This week in Jupiter Class we have been learning about London. We read the story ‘Katie in London’ and then researched some interesting facts about different landmarks. Can you believe that they used to keep crocodiles in St James’s Park? We also experimented with different watercolour techniques and created our own mixed media pictures of the London skyline. We then used our pictures as the front cover of our own books.     September 2017: Jupiter class has been very busy right from the start of this school year. In maths we have been learning about numbers, how to make and compare them. In our topic we have been looking at our local area and wrote our own versions of the class story. We have also been reading Roald Dahl's books which we really enjoy. One of our favourites was 'The Enormous Crocodile'. Now we can't wait to find out more about Mr Fox!

    Welcome to Jupiter Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Luna Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: Luna class were kings in the school’s Christmas performance. We enjoyed making our crowns using lots of colours and sparkly decorations. 30 November 2017:   21 November 2017: We have been using the word of the week ‘acquire’ in different ways. 01 November 2017:  Luna class have enjoyed learning about author Roald Dahl this half-term. We have read some extracts from his book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and also 'The Enormous Crocodile' We added some of our reviews about these stories to our book corner.  October 2017: Luna class have still been enjoying the topic for this half-term (Ourselves). We created pictures using different body parts. Can you guess what they are?     September 2017: In Luna Class, our topic this half term is 'Ourselves'.  We have enjoyed creating our descriptions about ourselves for our class welcome board. We wrote our names and things we liked and were good at.

    Welcome to Luna Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Mars Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: Mars Class enjoyed presenting the word of the week ‘rapturous’ to the whole school during assembly. 30 November 2017: Mars Class enjoyed a great day out at the Natural History Museum on the 21/11/17.  22 November 2017: Mars Class had an eventful hook day to explore our new topic this term, Krindlekrax. Our classroom was set up like a crime scene and we had to work out who the culprit was. Forensic Police investigators also paid us a visit. We were able to discover who the culprit was by solving the clues. We discovered that it was the Crocodile named Krindlekrax. 01 November 2017: In groups, Mars class have designed these amazing forests in our Design Technology lesson based on the story of 'Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters'.     Mars class have been working hard in our topic lessons this term. They have been using powerful adjectives and several other skills to up level their work.

    Welcome to Mars Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Mercury Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: We have been writing news reports in Mercury Class about a mysterious incident that happened in the sewers!  30 November 2017: Last week, year 4 went on a trip to the Natural History Museum as part of our Krindlekrax topic. Mercury Class saw lots of exciting things and learnt some really interesting facts about crocodiles. It also gave us a chance to start to explore our new science topic by looking at the teeth of different animals! We all had a great day! 22 November 2017: The police came into school to help us investigate who or what had vandalised the year 4 classrooms. Mercury class enjoyed learning all about crime scene investigation; especially dusting for finger prints! It turned out to be a crocodile called Krindlekrax who made the mess! 13 November 2017:  Mercury Class enjoyed a performance by Miss Allison for black history month. We also learnt a poem by Joseph Coelho to perform for the school.   September 2017: Mercury Class had a great time performing in their class assembly. We loved showing off all the hard work we've done so far in the year. We hope you all enjoyed it!

    Welcome to Mercury Class - Crawford Primary
  • Welcome to Meteorites Class - Crawford Primary

    13 December 2017: Y6 students designing Mars rover robots at the Science Museum 22 November 2017: A lovely piece of writing by Hernan using many different vocabulary from ‘word of the week’. 01 November 2017: There is many different languages spoken in Crawford primary school. Meteorites celebrate multiculturalism by asking 2 member to read a book each in their own spoken language. This week in Meteorites Class the children used emotive language and various punctuation (...,1?) to write their letter based on the book 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas'.

    Welcome to Meteorites Class - Crawford Primary
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