Gipsy Hill

Crawford Classes 2016-2017

Key members of Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs L Laverick (Executive Headteacher) 
  • Miss J Morris (Headteacher)
  • Ms S Dicken (Deputy)
  • Mrs V Harrison (Deputy)
  • Ms S Burdett (Deputy)
  • Ms G Nuttall (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

"Teachers have very high expectations and lessons are planned carefully to enable all pupils to make the best possible progress." March 2013 Ofsted Report


Year Group Class Teacher

Gold Stars (am)

Silver Stars (pm)

Miss S Meggie


Moon Miss P Pitter
Rocket Miss P Clavin
YEAR 1 Luna Miss K Sullivan
Pluto Ms K White
Milkyway Miss J Baskerville
YEAR 2 Jupiter Mr L Izdebski
Comets Mr C Hooper
YEAR 3 Titan Miss F Kiff
Venus Miss H Sheen & Ms T Williamson
Neptune Mr M Brown
YEAR 4 Mercury Ms R Flint
Orion Miss L Toner
Mars Miss R Laurie
YEAR 5 Saturn Ms E Stevens & Ms L Sabourin
Earth Mr D Jenkins
YEAR 6 Meteorites Mr I Hussain
Galaxy Ms K Blackwood
Satellite Ms H Bartram


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