Gipsy Hill

Glenbrook Classes 2017-2018

Key members of Senior Leadership Team

  • Susan Holt (Executive Headteacher)
  • Carmel Longley (Headteacher)
  • Debbie Palache (Deputy)
  • Shirley Pearson (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
  • Tania Fernandez (Family Services Officer)


Year Group Class Teacher
RECEPTION Puffin Ms M Tettey
YEAR 1 Bluebird Mr T Tucker-Samuels
YEAR 2 Sparrow Miss A Fernander
YEAR 3 Wagtail Miss C Peters
YEAR 4 Skylark Ms S Nantume
Partridge Mr J Millet
YEAR 5 Chaffinch Ms M Young
Hummingbird Ms K Mets
YEAR 6 Penguin Mr B Perry
Pelican Ms E Whitmore
  • Kingswood Primary School Lower Site
  • Kingswood Primary School Upper Site
  • Elm Wood Primary School
  • Paxton Primary School
  • Crawford Primary School
  • Fernstanton Primary School
  • Glenbrook Primary School
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