Gipsy Hill

Glenbrook Classes 2016-2017

Key members of Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs S Holt (Executive Headteacher)
  • Ms C Longley (Headteacher)
  • Mr J Muhammad (Deputy)
  • Ms D Palache (Deputy)
  • Shirley Pearson (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)


Year Group Class Teacher
NURSERY Robin Mrs S Tkacik
RECEPTION Puffin Ms M Tettey
YEAR 1 Bluebird Mr T Tucker-Samuels
YEAR 2 Sparrow Miss A Fernander
Owl Miss H Beggs
YEAR 3 Wagtail Miss C Peter
Parakeet Ms R Nicolson
YEAR 4 Partridge Miss E Whitmore
Skylark Miss K Mets
YEAR 5 Chaffinch Miss K Davis
Hummingbird Mrs J Mwangi
YEAR 6 Penguin Mrs R Kime
Pelican Miss R Capp
latest stories
  • Year 4 PGL Residential 2017

    Day 1 Four seasons in one day We started bright and early ready for our adventure to PGL. Parents waved us off gleefully as we bordered the coach (possible looking forward to some child-free time). The coach journey was pleasant and the children enjoyed moving through the familiar landmarks of London and out beyond to the less familiar countryside. Once we arrive we quickly saw our family of federation schools waiting for us. We soon realised that we were in for a wonderful time with our friends. After a hearty lunch, we split into our mixed federation groups. Children and adults dispersed across the site to begin the many exciting activities. We climbed, jumped, swung and abseiled like we were fearless. We cheerer on our friends and supported those who needed our support. Unfortunately the weather did not match our enthusiasm and spirit as we experienced sun, rain, hail and then back to sun again..truly four season in one day! Nevertheless and not to be defeated we continued on and showed our true determination to do what we had set out to do.... learn, have fun and make new friends.

    Year 4 PGL Residential 2017
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