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Kingswood Primary School is a 4 form entry split-site school based in West Norwood, South London.  Our Upper and Lower Sites are situated a short walk from each other on Gipsy Road. We are the flagship school of Gipsy Hill Federation, a National Teaching School and are rated as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.  Please explore our stories below and view our section links for more information about us.

"Outstanding: Inspirational leaders and are determined to ensure pupils received a world class education." March 2013 Ofsted Report

Kingswood Primary School has two Headteachers; Gillian Roberts is Headteacher of our Lower site and Clare Sutherland is Headteacher for our Upper site. 

Kingswood Primary School Lower Site

I would like to welcome you all to Kingswood Primary School, and look forward to meeting you and your children. 

I have worked in education since 1998 and started my teaching career in Lambeth before leaving schools to retrain as an Educational Psychologist.  I worked in a London borough for 7 years as an Educational Psychologist in primary schools, secondary schools and children’s centres before returning to schools in 2011.  I have been the Headteacher of Kingswood Primary School since September 2014.  Prior to that I was based at Kingswood as Deputy Headteacher, before transferring to Fenstanton in the role of Deputy Headteacher.

It is an absolute privilege to be Headteacher of Kingswood for a number of reasons.  Firstly Kingswood is an outstanding school and although this hasn’t always been the case, Kingswood is now a consistently high performing school.  We share our high expectations and outstanding practice so that other schools can develop in their journey to outstanding and as such we open our doors on a regular basis to visitors from the UK and abroad in our role as National Support School and National Teaching School.

We take this role extremely seriously because educating children and young people is a huge responsibility.  Children only get one chance, so from the moment pupils join Kingswood we ensure the curriculum and opportunities we offer them are the very best, that the lessons our teachers teach are outstanding, exciting and that they challenge pupils at every level.  By the time pupils leave Kingswood in Year 6 they are confident, articulate and enthusiastic learners who have a thirst for knowledge and a motivation to learn beyond primary school into secondary school and lifelong learning. 

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.  Our team work tirelessly to ensure there are no barriers to children achieving their full potential.  We pride ourselves on our high quality learning environment and resources.  We invest so that our pupils understand they deserve the very best and so they can access a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum. This includes providing a range of trips, visits and enrichment weeks throughout the year as well as a wide range of extra- curricular activities.  This means that, as well as developing their academic skills, pupils develop their creativity and are able to express themselves well. 

Our staff at every level have high expectations of themselves, our pupils and our parents/ carers.  Our pupils quickly learn these expectations and are well behaved, courteous, hard working and caring individuals who recognise the learning behaviours and skills they need to do their very best.  They welcome challenge and want to improve.  They really are a credit to us and they never cease to amaze me.  I take great pleasure in walking around the school seeing how focused pupils are on their learning and they are always keen to share their learning and achievements with adults- especially visitors. 

By joining Kingswood you are joining a team and community who work together to ensure our pupils achieve the very best that they can, so that they are prepared for the world of work in the 21st century. 

I hope you’ll join Kingswood and if so, I’m sure you’ll come to realise how unique and special it is.  I look forward to working with you.  

Ms G Roberts,

Kingswood Primary School Upper Site

I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to Kingswood Primary School from all of our wonderful children, staff and governors.

Kingswood is an exceptional school community, full of creativity, ambition and drive. We are extremely lucky to have an incredible staff team who go above and beyond in their roles every single day to provide the very best education that they can for our children. The adults in our school are excellent role models both as learners for life and as members of our local community. We have a no excuses culture, where every single child can and will succeed; our staff embody this ethos through their determination, resilience and perseverance.

At the heart of this is a rigorous and fully comprehensive inclusion system. We believe that there are no barriers to learning that cannot be overcome; it is our job to identify any potential obstacles and remove them through supporting children and their families both in and out of school. Our incredible inclusion team work tirelessly to ensure that every child who walks through our door gets what he or she needs to fulfil his or her potential. Our teachers plan lessons meticulously to ensure that each child in each class continues to make progress day after day; we strive for and succeed at educational excellence in our everyday practice.

One of the things that visitors to our school often comment upon is our beautiful environment. We pride ourselves on showcasing our children’s learning through high-quality displays both inside classrooms and around our school building. By seeing examples of our high expectations around school, our children embed an understanding of our high expectations for their learning in all subjects. All of our classrooms are highly stimulating and act as learning prompts for the children, allowing them to embed basic skills as well as challenge themselves both verbally and in their work.

Our door is always open to prospective families who are considering Kingswood for their children. We are exceptionally proud of our school and would love to show you around. If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer, please contact the school office.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Ms C Sutherland,

latest stories
  • Welcome to Linnet Class - Kingswood Primary

    14 December 2017: Today we made African shakers.  7 December 2017: Today was Christmas Jumper day! 27 November 2017: We worked in pairs to create a map based on the story 'Handa's Surprise.' 21 November 2017: Today we were learning about verbs and adverbs. Verbs are doing words, they end in -ing. Adverbs describe a verb. They end in - ly.​ Today we used our animal masks and listened to Miss Morrow's instructions. The lions were sleeping silently. The zebras were running quickly.  The cheetahs were crawling quietly. 17 November 2017: In Linnet Class we have created African animal masks. In Linnet Class we have been working with a specialist art teacher to create African prints. In Linnet Class we created African sunset pictures.  08 November 2017: Today it was our workshare assembly. We presented to our grown ups all of the learning we have been doing in class. 06 November 2017: Today in Linnet class we found out information about African animals and then worked in groups to create a poster.​   02 November 2017: This week in PE we were role playing being different African animals. We were crawling, pouncing, stomping, reaching, jumping, swimming and roaring. 31 October 2017: Today we were very lucky as we had an African story telling afternoon! We learnt about the African story 'Anansi and the Bananas.' We got to be characters in the story, such as elephants, tigers and monkeys. We also had a go at playing djembe​ drums. We had a wonderful time! 30 October 2017: Today Linnet class went on an adventure to Africa!  20 October 2017:  In Linnet class we have been doing research on different jobs. We found out about teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and farmers. Yesterday, the school nurse came to visit the year 1 children. She told us all about how we can keep our bodies healthy. We asked her questions such as: Hani: How do you keep healthy? Renad: How do you keep fit? Corey: How do you get to sleep at night? September 2017: Linnet class have made a productive start to the year and have taken no time in settling down into life in Year 1. In Maths, we have learnt about the value of number, including 1 more and 1 less as well as greater than and less than. In our first topic, ‘Me, Myself and I,’ we have been talking about our families and thinking about how we are the same and how we are different. We also painted self-portraits. Come and see our work on display in the classroom! We can’t wait to share our learning with you at our first workshare assembly on Wednesday 8th November at 10.30am.​

    Welcome to Linnet Class - Kingswood Primary
  • Welcome to Wren Class - Kingswood Primary

    December 2017: Today was Christmas Jumper Day. We wore our favourite Christmas jumpers and donated £1 to charity.  November 2017: In Year 1, we had a special visitor from the NHS who taught us how to wash our hands effectively. We learnt that there are 8 different steps to washing our hands and we were shown how to do each one. Our grown ups got involved too! Some children were chosen to put their knowledge to the test where they had to follow the 8 steps and then their hands were checked under a special light. This special light was able to show us whether we had washed our hands properly. October 2017: Today in Year 1 we had a special visitor who came to tell us the story of Anancy the Spider because our topic this term is 'On Safari'. We used animal props and drums to help us join in with the story. We had so much fun learning about Anancy and his adventures. We also learnt about morals and the moral of this story was that you should never take anything from someone without asking. September: In Wren class we all represent different coloured crayons that are unique and special, but when we come together as a class, the picture is complete! 

    Welcome to Wren Class - Kingswood Primary
  • Park and Stride Map

    Park and Stride Kingswood Primary School's Park and Stride Map launched We are really pleased to launch our Park and Stride map, which was created with our pupils and Living Streets.  It shows a 5 minute 'no parking' zone around both school sites and suggestions for alternative parking.  The aim is to make our school gates safer, ease congestion and promote physical activity.  For those of you who drive to school, why not Park and Stride?     For more information, click on the picture below. 

    Park and Stride Map
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