Gipsy Hill

Kingswood Classes 2017-2018

Key members of Senior Leadership Team:

  • Mrs L Laverick (Executive Headteacher)

Lower Site

  • Gillian Roberts (Headteacher)
  • Kelly Foster (Deputy)
  • Clare Gudgeon (Deputy)
  • Zoe Nash (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
  • Ria Mason (Family Services Officer)

Upper Site

  • Clare Sutherland (Headteacher - on maternity leave)
  • Jane Scarsbrook (Acting Headteacher)
  • Amy Salter (Deputy)
  • Leroy Hoyte (Deputy)
  • Katherine Wilmot (Deputy)
  • Michelle Hogan (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
  • Rahat Uddin (Family Services Officer)

"A highly creative and rich range of subjects and topics allow pupils to develop their talents." March 2013 Ofsted Report


Year Group Class Teacher
NURSERY Dove Ms Paluszek
Robin Ms James
RECEPTION Flamingo Ms Martin
Bluebird Ms Lee
Magpie Ms Ramune
Moorhen Ms Emmons
YEAR 1 Firecrest Ms Pitter
Swan Ms Hurst
Linnet Ms Morrow
Wren Ms Ryan
YEAR 2 Finch Ms Brand
Falcon Ms Budd
Parrot Ms Nardozza
Rhea Ms McEnaney
YEAR 3 Parakeet Ms Kavanagh
Sunbeam Ms Francis
Owl Ms Williams
Kingfisher Ms Power
YEAR 4 Peacock Miss Barker
Eagle Ms Campbell
Kittiwake Ms Salter
Swift Ms Adeoye and Ms House
YEAR 5 Kestrel Ms Young
Toucan Ms Grosskopf
Sandpiper Ms Buckton
Hummingbird Ms Law
YEAR 6 Siskin Ms Taylor
Penguin Mr Walsh
Lark Mrs Whitfield
Pelican Ms  Besley
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