Gipsy Hill

Kingswood Classes 2016-2017

Key members of Senior Leadership Team:

  • Mrs L Laverick (Executive Headteacher)
  • Ms G Roberts (Headteacher - Lower Site)
  • Ms C Sutherland (Headteacher - Upper Site)
  • Ms L Woodham (Deputy - Lower Site)
  • Ms K Foster (Deputy - Lower Site)
  • Ms A Rogers (Deputy - Upper Site)
  • Ms E Ross (Deputy - Upper Site)
  • Ms C Gudgeon (Deputy - Both sites)
  • Zoe Nash (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Lower Site)
  • Amy Salter (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Upper Site)

"A highly creative and rich range of subjects and topics allow pupils to develop their talents." March 2013 Ofsted Report


Year Group Class Teacher
NURSERY Dove Ms D McEnaney
Starling Ms N Martin
Robin Ms T James
RECEPTION Flamingo Ms J Shajahan
Bluebird Miss N Parris
Magpie Mrs R Grigaliune
Moorhen Ms S Hurst
YEAR 1 Firecrest Miss A Powell
Swan Mr B Saunders
Linnet Ms M Morrow
Wren Miss S Ryan
YEAR 2 Finch Ms D Thomas
Falcon Ms D Allen
Parrot Ms E Bruna
Rhea Miss S Christopher
YEAR 3 Parakeet Ms D Kavanagh
Sunbeam Mrs K Wilmot
Owl Ms L Williams
Kingfisher Miss S Power
YEAR 4 Peacock Miss D Barker
Eagle Miss E Buckton
Kittiwake Ms K Taylor
Swift Ms Z Adeoye
YEAR 5 Kestrel Miss C Young
Toucan Ms H Jackson
Sandpiper Miss J Salter
Hummingbird Miss M Hogan
YEAR 6 Siskin Miss A Breakenbridge
Penguin Mr D Walsh
Lark Mrs F Whitfield
Pelican Ms S Besley
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