Gipsy Hill

Paxton Classes 2016-2017

Key members of Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs S Holt (Executive Headteacher)
  • Mrs Drew (Headteacher)
  • Miss H Jeffs (Deputy for Curriculum)
  • Ms A De Se Pereira (Deputy)
  • Ms S Gee (Deputy)
  • Miss M O'Callaghan (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

"Teachers have exceptionally high expectations of what pupils can achieve and this, together with their very encouraging responses to pupils' efforts, helps to really motivate them." March 2013 Ofsted Report


Year Group Class Teacher
NURSERY Puffin Ms A Paluszek
Swallow Mrs K Bowers
RECEPTION Robin Ms A Sekulic
Swan Dr L Platten
Cuckoo Miss E Berner
YEAR 1 Nightingale Miss B Fernandes
Flamingo Ms S Hammond
YEAR 2 Skylark Ms Z Macdonald
YEAR 3 Jackdaw Miss K Hunter
YEAR 4 Wagtail Miss E Wheeldon
YEAR 5 Partridge Mrs C Booth
YEAR 6 Goldcrest Miss C Larkin
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